Ideas That Can Make Your Wedding Exceptional

bride and groom

Planning a wedding can be a somewhat hectic and challenging
affair. From setting up the venue to ordering the cake, all through to getting
you and your bridesmaids or best man ready, there’s literally a lot of work
that needs to be done. But even after figuring out how to go about
accomplishing all that, you have to think of ways of making your wedding quite

You don’t have to do what everyone does out there. After all, it
is your day, so you can make it look and feel just the way you desire it, as
long as it’s inspiring.

Here are some offbeat wedding ideas that can make your wedding both exciting and memorable:

1. The Entrance

beach weddingUshering guests into the ceremony or reception space is one of the most critical parts of the wedding. A well-decorated entrance will make the venue welcoming, and the guests will feel home already even as they enter.

If your wedding is taking place on the outdoor, either in the open air or inside a huge marquee, you can put some eucalyptus or artificial jasmine garlands right at the entrance.

You can also line the pathways leading to the venue with lanterns, to create a seamlessly beautiful entrance. For an indoor wedding, you can incorporate crystal décor hanging over the ceremony, ballroom or head table to create a somewhat elegant space.

2. The Guest Book

Having a guestbook is one of the best ways of recording the persons that attended your wedding. And even more importantly, it’s a way of creating lasting memories of friends that stood by you on your big day.

The trick when designing the guestbook is to be a little creative. You can have a Polaroid
camera on the guestbook section to allow guests to take pop-up selfies and put them on the scrapbook as they sign next to it. You can even create a few parts like marriage tips, a note of support or date night idea for the guest to contribute to.

3. The Seats

chairsThe chair types and colors you use for your wedding should complement the space, whether it’s the outdoor setting or indoor décor. For an outdoor wedding, wooden Chiavari chairs of white or brown color can be an excellent choice.

Consider getting monochromatic cushioned chairs for an indoor wedding. And if it’s happening during the winter, you can shed off the blandness from the room by decorating the chair backs with miniature wreaths.

4. The Exit

The wedding exit gives you a final chance to make a statement about your personal style. You can ride on classic vintage Rolls Royce Bramwith, wedding horse, and carriage or a sleek sports car.

The vehicle you choose should allow the guests to have a better view of you and
your partner leave the venue and disappear into thin air. You should focus on making the moment breathtaking.

5. The After Party-Dancing

After going into the reception, the first and most important part is to introduce the bridal party, perform your first dance, and announce all the toasts and blessings then go to dinner. After that, it’s all about letting loose and dancing your night away with good music.

Getting a band and DJs will definitely set the mood for a fun night. But since not everyone will really be willing to listen to music or dance all night, it can be great to set up some
cigar rolling stations, outdoor lawn games, bar decor, and snack bars at the venue. It is just a way of giving your guests endless entertainment.


A wedding will not be boring if you incorporate some of these somewhat unique ideas. While they might be tiny, they are the ones that can ignite that spark of excitement and set the mood for the wedding. Remember, you don’t need to spend more to achieve all these. You simply need to be creative and treat your guests to an unforgettable wedding that will get them wowed by the time they are leaving.

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